Escape Glasgow - Which Type of Escape Room Player are You? 

Today, to make things a little interesting, we’re looking at which type of escape room player you are because, well, we thought it’d be fun. And also, it might just help you to win the next time you’re in one of our Escape Rooms. We love to give our players a little inspiration so they can have an even better time. 

Let’s get started, we’ve chosen 4 of the best, question is, which one are you?

1. The Forager

Do you look EVERYWHERE when you’re searching for something, leaving nothing unturned as you go? You look under chairs, around the top of doors. When you’re investigating surroundings, you look everywhere that no one else can think of, looking under carpets and around the window frames with precision. You are likely to be exceptionally good at Escape Games, and not inviting you along would be criminal. 

2. A lock picking mastermind.

You remember numbers, you make it your business to head for the locks and unpick them. You’ll be useful in the Escape Rooms because sometimes there are numbers distributed around the room, and it may be part of the puzzle and part of a bigger picture. It could be integral to getting out. When it comes to combinations and number crunching you are a mastermind. You pick locks, and you never give up, but don’t forget that your determination to solve the mystery of this particular type of clue could deter you from moving on if you can’t work it out, eventually costing you the game. 

3. The Pacifist.

Everyone has to work as part of a team, but people are people and sometimes they wind up arguing when they don’t see eye to eye. This is all very well, but it could cost you the game and you don’t have time to wait until their disagreement ends naturally. There’s always a need for a pacifist, a peacekeeper such as yourself. You’ll be the one that will be at pains to make sure everyone gets on and works together cohesively so you have a better chance of winning the game. 

You’ll be happy to keep to yourself and be your own counsel, but you’ll be ready to jump in when the arguments break out as they invariably can in a small room with a team full of different people with different personalities. You can make sure everyone stays calm, and more importantly get on with the game so you can win. 

4. The Delegator or Mouthpiece.

You’re confident, this isn’t a role for a wall flower. You’ll be able to talk to people, instruct and lead, oh and oversee things. You’ll decide who’s doing what and then watch as everybody follows instructions. You love to think that everyone depends on your quick thinking and leaders’ abilities, or possibly they don’t but you like to think they do. You can be a bit controlling, but this is evenly matched by your rather excellent delegation abilities, so friends forgive you. 

Escape Glasgow – for all those personality types, whichever one you are.

Recognise yourself in any of these 4? If you do then you could possibly work on your existing skillset and steal some from some of the others, make up a more rounded person, and increase your chances of winning. Book your room today, online or over the phone and join in on the intrigue.