Tips For Putting Together Your Escape Room Team

Let’s talk teams. If you want to put together the best team, then you need to have some sort of strategy in place. You need to at least consider the kind of people you want to invite to be in with a chance of winning. You’ll need to bring along people who are good at communicating, working things out and getting along with others. At Escape Rooms Glasgow you’ll be locked in a room with a group of up to six, so you want to make sure you all get on. 

Team players

Firstly, make sure you choose people who thrive when they’re in a team. Ones who are team players and don’t enjoy just overwhelming others and taking over. There’s no point having someone there who’s dominating the game, not letting anyone else use their initiative and shouting orders out. You want people who enjoy working with others, and there’s no ‘i’ in team. 

A good delegator

This is someone who will stand on the sidelines and not necessarily take part, but guide people as to where they should be heading next in order to find another clue.. Managing the team and encouraging everyone is really what’s required here and steering everyone in the right direction, keeping an eye on the clock and cheering people on.

You want people who get on with each other

Find a group of people who all like each other and know each other reasonably well. A group of strangers in a room thrown together for the first time may not get on, so find like-minded people, possibly from work or family friends. It’ll make for a better game, and there’ll be a better chance of you getting on for the full hour, without getting traumatised from the experience. 

Good communicators

People who are good at communicating is essential, you don’t want people who are perpetually silent. People who keep things to themselves aren’t needed for this game. There’s only one way you’re going to win and that’s by talking to each other. No silent types please. 

Good at the details

Finally, you want people who are good at figuring out clues and puzzles. There’s bound to be someone in your group of friends at work or at home who are good at the geeky stuff, and know how to work out clues really, really well. You definitely want to bring them along for sure!

Escape Stoke - for the time of your life

So, now you know the type of people you need to bring along to Escape Games Glasgow to be in with a chance of winning, and put yourself in line to win the whole thing. We can’t wait to see you here with your carefully chosen team of winners. Book your room now, online or over the phone.