Escape From Your Studies

If you’re a student you’re used to working hard and playing hard, while at the same time aware of how important those grades are. You’ll work in your room and the library on your essays, and at times you might think that this is all there is to university life. Studying or drinking, visiting the pub, the club. Yes all these are fun, but the novelty soon wears off and if you’re looking for a form of escapism and getting away from the cycle of study, drink, study sleep, then why not come down to Escape Glasgow and escape altogether from your studies?

Escape rooms are a whole new world in gaming

Instead of being stuck behind your desk with a computer or tablet endlessly pressing buttons, you’re in a room with real people, thinking, working out clues and communicating with your team. You’ll have 60 minutes in which to escape, and while you’re locked in there you’ll have to find a series of clues and then work them all out – in the allotted time of one hour. Will you?

There may be new students who are struggling, and eager to make new friends.

Perhaps you’re the one that’s feeling a little lonely, if you are then an escape room challenge is the perfect way to break the ice and make new friends. Bond with new students and make a whole new circle of fellow peers who you’ll be able to meet up with on a regular basis once you’ve cracked the escape room challenge. 

All the rooms are themed

The themes are usually from films and games, ones which are popular cultural themes in their own right. The rooms will be decorated and populated with furniture and other items to fit right in with whatever the theme is. It could be a sci-fi classic or a murderous cult horror film theme or maybe something along the lines of wizardry or Egyptology. 

Escape Glasgow – Exciting Escape Rooms

If you’re looking to get away from your studies, then we couldn’t think of a better way of doing it. Put your books away and come on down to Escape Glasgow where you can pit yourselves against the escape room extravaganza of themed clues, puzzles secreted away in dark corners, and imaginary monsters. Make new friends, get some fresh air - and have some FUN.