Tips to Succeed in An Escape Room

Today we’re going to be looking into how you can succeed in an escape room, so we’ve come up with some helpful tips. With our help, you’ll soon be working your way out of that locked room like a pro. And if you don’t get it right first time, you can visit us as often as you need to in order to crack it.


Think about the clues. They’re there for a reason. They could be staring back at you when you’re least expecting it. Do they look to simplistic to be party of the game? If they do, then they’re probably true clues and too good to ignore. Use your partners to help solve the clues and investigate anything you’re not sure of, that’s what they’re they for.

Communicate and Cooperate With Your Fellow Teammates

And that brings us to our next tip, cooperation and communication. It’s important you communicate with your fellow team mates because if you don’t you’ll still be there after the 60 minutes are up. It’s no wonder that escape rooms are used as team building exercises because they’re good at that – but only if you communicate and cooperate with each other. You are going to need each other to share knowledge and any clues you’ve managed to work out. It will all form a greater picture of how to escape the room, so talk to each other if you want to be successful.


Worried about getting stuck on one clue or puzzle you can’t quite fathom? Don’t allow it to bring you down. If you don’t ask for help you’re in danger of losing the game, so don’t allow your pride to get in the way. Ask around, within your group, don’t isolate yourself. Do they have an idea of how to solve the clue, perhaps one of them has a fresh perspective and is able to throw some illumination on to the problem? Let them help or you could be wasting precious time. And if you need a hint, tell us and we’ll give you one.

Enjoy the game!

If you try all this and you still wind up losing, or you know you’re not going to win because the time’s nearly up, don’t despair. Escape games are mean to be enjoyable, because they’re games. Yes, that’s right, it’s just a game, not the Olympics! They’re not mean to stress you out and make you feel bad at the end of it. Some puzzles are harder to work out than others and it’s no reflection on you or on any other of your teammates. So, relax and enjoy it, and remember, even if you don’t get it right first time, there’s always next time. You’re always welcome to our escape games in Glasgow, and you can try as many times as you wish.

So, now you’ve had our best tips, when are you coming down? Do you think you have what it takes to beat the clock and win at our escape games in Glasgow? Why not bring your friends or colleagues down and have a bash? It’s so much fun and you might just win first time round! Get in touch today!