The Games at Escape Glasgow

We’re going to be telling you about our escape rooms in Glasgow, and we must say, we’re really excited to talk about them because they’re so much fun. They’re the kind of games that will help you escape the drudgery of daily living for an hour, and at the same time immersive yourself and your imagination in a world where time stops, and your worries are forgotten.

If you don’t know what the Escape Games are, we’ll spend 5 minutes filling you in. Escape Games are themed rooms where you and a team of 5 to 6 are locked in for 60 minutes, and you must find a series of clues in order to unlock the room and escape. Can you do it within the hour? Well, that all really depends on how smart you and your friends are.

We have some seriously impressive themed rooms and we’re now going to take the opportunities of telling you exactly which ones they are. By the time we’re finished, we’re hoping you’ll be so impressed you’ll ready to book your room with us. 

Glasgow Classic

This is a game to really test those synapses and neural activity to the max! It’s fairly simple in design but gives you plenty to think about, and certainly keeps you on your feet. There’s all sorts in this room, a bit like Celebrity Crystal Maze with codes, puzzles and mysterious locked boxes. Can you crack the code? You and the rest of the team will need to be mentally sharp to get out within the hour. 

Witchcraft and Wizardry

This is all about magic and magic wands and pitting yourself against the dark arts, do you and the rest of your team have what it takes to get out alive, or without being turned into a frog?

221B Baker Street

A classic Sherlock Holmes bonanza, if you like detective work and you’re an admirer of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous sleuth, then this is the room for you. Pit your mind against the sharpest brain in the world and find a special item of great historical importance. 

The EMCU Trials

Created to make you really work your brains and you’ll need to have your wits about you to get out of here within the hour. You’ll need the sharpest crack team behind you, so make sure you pick only the best to bring along for the journey. 


A game of disease, science and defeating the inevitable decline of humanity. You’ll need to create a vaccine for a disease that could prove fatal for mankind. You’re a scientist, and your team are working tirelessly to save the world one clue at a time. Can you work out the codes, find the vaccine without any of you contracting the virus? Only time will tell – and you don’t have much of that to rely on. Once you find the vaccine, unlock the laboratory door, or everything you’ve worked for will be incinerated forever. 

Escape Glasgow – Premier Escape Rooms

How do we know that you’ll have a great time here at Escape Glasgow? Probably because we spend so much time making sure it’s perfect and working hard to make it enjoyable as possible. Come on down and enjoy the experience, it’s 60 minutes of inescapable fun in an escape room that’s designed to prevent you from escaping – can YOU get out? Book today to find out.