Things to Do in Glasgow For Students: Bars

If you’re looking for bars to go to for a drink of a night while you’re a student, then Glasgow is the best city by far for this. We’ve drawn up a list of some of the best bars in Glasgow that are conducive to a good time, a restricted budget and a varied drinks menu. Glasgow’s one of the best cities to have a good time in when you’re a student, so if you’re looking for an explosive time then this is the city to be in.

Bar Gumbo

Bar Gumbo have a varied menu of food for both lunch and evening with a drinks menu that’s every bit as good. There’s a versatile menu of beers, wines and cocktails to choose from, so if whether you’re looking for something eat, drink or a combination of the two, then Bar Gumbo is for you.


You can enter the Bunker 7 days of the week for drinking, eating, and partying. This is a great place to bring your friends and there are resident DJs there at the weekends until the early hours playing a versatile range of music. There’s free wi-fi, a pool table and some iPads just in case you can’t wait to be in touch with someone.


At Driftwood, you’ll find current music played to a friendly crowd with cheap alcohol for those on a budget. It’s busy and on the same street as many of the local nightclubs, so you’ll be able to go from one to the other without having to travel far. As it is so busy, it’s best to book a table or a booth in advance, otherwise it’ll be standing room only.

Vodko Wodka

If you love your cocktails, then you’ll really love Vodka Wodka, where you’ll find an eclectic menu of both cocktails and vodkas. You can also try some Italian food while you’re here if you’re hungry. It’s got great ambience and it’s a great way to start the evening.

We hope you enjoyed our post on things to do in Glasgow if you’re a student. We’ve found the best bars, we think there’s a fabulous vibe in here in Glasgow, and students, both past and present, always have a great time. This is because there’s a great selection of bars to choose from and they’re located in close proximity to each other.

If you have any questions about what we’ve discussed today, get in touch. We’re always happy to help.