Top Things to Do in Glasgow this Autumn

Glasgow is a vibrant colourful city and we know you’ll be eager to explore its hidden depth during your stay here. Even if you’re a permanent resident, there may be parts of Glasgow you’re yet to discover, so we’ve come up with a short list of must have places to visit, so you can get to know Glasgow better.

We’ve come up with 6 places we think you’ll enjoy so read on to find out more:

1 If you want to see Glasgow in style and you’d like to get out of the car, then why not get on your bike? Or perhaps one of Glasgow’s bikes. The city has a Nextbike scheme which helps you to explore the city in all its glory. You’ll get to see the sites and the route is simple and easy to follow. You’ll get to see Glasgow in autumn in the best possible way.

2 If you like astronomy then The Scottish Dark Sky Observatory should fire up your imagination and enthusiasm. It runs most weekends with anything from firework displays and meteor showers which are at their peak in October. No matter how cold and dark it is now the nights are drawing in, there’s still fun to be had during the all-too exciting stargazing season.

3 Why not try some waffles at Union Waffles, because here you’ll have a warming dessert that cleverly combines chocolate and marshmallow to create something truly delicious. It’s the super waffles sandwich, and it’s going to warm you up nicely during the autumn months.

4 You could try visiting Pollok Country Park where you run through some autumn leaves, and of course give yourself some photo opportunities, and take pics you won’t forget in a hurry. Pollok Country Park has many gorgeous trees, so as you can imagine, there’s plenty of them shedding their leaves – for your pleasure of course!

5 Yes, summer is over and winters on its way, but why not use autumn to create an amazing toned new you, to help cope with winter’s onslaught? Why not pay a visit to Infinity Yoga? You can have a really relaxing session before facing the outside world again.

6 As well as the waffles why not try some hot chocolate with the kind of trimmings to get you salivating at Jellyhill, you’ll get the works, whipped cream and marshmallows to keep you warm for the rest of the day. Finish that off once you’re warm enough with a visit to the Glasshouses of the Botanic Gardens, you’ll be warmed up nicely and you can escape the cold outside.

Finally, an extra one – Escape Glasgow! We highly recommend a visit to our escape games in Glasgow. Here, you’ll find plenty to keep you amused as you attempt to escape a locked room with 60 minutes to get out. Can you solve the cryptic puzzles and clues? Contact us today to find out today. Can you even find them? Forget autumn, think escape, use your grey matter and get out fast as you can!