Things to do in Glasgow on a Hen Do

We have a great list below of things to do in Glasgow if you’re out on a hen do. We’ve included lots of different events from champagne tasting to make up lessons, from art to cocktails. There’s something for everyone, so read on to find out where your hen do is going to be.

Champagne Tasting Sessions

Try champagne on your hen do from Moet to Veuve Clicquots. You’ll learn about the history of champagne and how its made. You’ll get the opportunity to try at least three champagnes for yourself.

Salsa Dance Class

We all love to dance and there’s nothing more thrilling than a Salsa. Why not take your girls to a Salsa dance class. You could have a professional choreographer teach you and your friends how to do it perfectly, and there’s no better way to celebrate your hen do than with dance.

Pole Dancing Class

Pole dancing is a great way of keeping your body in excellent condition and it’s a great form of exercise. Dance round a pole at a private venue for you and your friends, and you’ll be an expert at moving your body around the pole. You’ll feel fitter and firmer for it and you’ll have had a great night out to celebrate your last night of freedom.

Chicago Dance Class

Inspired by dance moves from the movie Chicago for you and your friends. You can learn the moves and try them out, jazz hands and stylish, dramatic moves. It’s a great fun thing to do on your hen do, and something you can show your family once you’ve got the moves perfect.

Learn a Wedding Dance

Learn to dance for your wedding, there’ll be a choreographer who can create a routine for you which will be specially designed to suit your ability. You and your friends can learn to dance and they can help you pick the music too.

Chocolate and Wine Tasting

Have a night of chocolate and wine tasting at a hen party to remember. A 2 hour master-class means you get to taste different wines from all over the world and you get to test them with chocolate. What could you want more? During your lovely session, you’ll also get to try different whites, reds and sparkling wine so you’ll be an expert by the time you’re finished.

Hen Party Makeover

Get to be an expert in make-up with a superb makeover in Glasgow. You’ll get lips, eyes, eyelash extensions and cheeks done as part of the whole process. You’ll be with a trained beauty therapist so you’ll be in safe hands.

Cocktail Making & 3 Course Meal

Why not try creating cocktails and have a 3 course meal at the same venue. You’ll be taught cocktails from a barman with enough experience to provide a worthwhile lesson, followed by a 3 course meal. It’ll be great fun and a good way of chilling and relaxing with your friends on your most important night.

Pamper Day

A special day to pamper yourself at a luxurious health club with friends on your hen do. You can have a sauna, a workout even, or just enjoy a leisurely swim. It’s a great way of enjoying a special night out with friends before your big day.