The Benefits of Brain Teasers and Puzzles in Team Building Activities

Our brains can get caught in a quagmire of every day distractions, and this can lead to a real brain fog. We can’t focus or concentrate as well as we once did and we’re finding work a bit of a hard slog. With Escape Glasgow team building activities you can help those tired brains and give them a real work out. Team building activities can really help with cognitive function, and there’s been enough studies done in this area to prove the case for exercising the brain.

Short Term Memory

With team building activities you can improve your visual spatial and verbal short term memory. This is by trying out problem solving exercises, understanding and interpreting visual information such as a map, or following directions. This requires good short term memory, and with our team building activities in Glasgow, you’ll certainly get to practice it!

Working Memory

Your working memory is about processing information, reasoning, comprehension and problem solving. It’s important that we exercise our working memory so that it’s able to carry out everyday tasks. You’ll find that our team building exercises will do exactly that.


Concentration is great when it works. However, think about your concentration skills – are they as good as you’d like them to be? Perhaps not, and if we don’t exercise our concentration skills enough it becomes shorter, with our ability to focus on individual tasks much harder.

It’s not easy when there are so many distractions, digital as well as social. Our team building activities will require concentration and focus and by using it you get to improve it, so everyday tasks aren’t the chore they once were.

Other Ways Your Team Improve Their Brains With Team Building Exercises?

  • Faster thinking

  • Improved memory

  • Quicker reactions

  • Better concentration

  • Improved self-control

  • Self-confidence

  • Better listening skills

  • Easier ability to find words

  • More confidence trying new things

Think Creatively

You will also find that by taking part in our type of team building activities, you’ll improve your ability to think creatively. This requires flexible thinking, helping you to solve problems and adapt to change. You’ll also have to use your brain to detect similarities and patterns, so you can use these new bits of information to help you get out.

You’ll have to use your powers of deduction and understanding, and recognise the different rules or different parts of a problem. These skills when utilised, helps you to think in a much more creative way.

Train Your Brain With Our Unique Team Building Activities

As you can see above, there are many advantages to taking part in team building activities and with Escape Glasgow you’ll give your brain some serious exercise. You’re locked in a room for 60 minutes and you and your team have to find a way out. You’re left to find a way of escaping with no help from us.

So if you want to improve your brain skills and kick start some serious cognitive function then come and take part in Escape Glasgow – and give your brain some extra power. Get in touch today to book your team in.