Team Building Activities in Glasgow With Escape

Have you been trawling the net searching for team building activities in Glasgow that don’t break the bank? Something that offers you a great opportunity to help improve communication as well as other important skills? Well you’ve found it with us here at Escape Glasgow.

We offer a 60 minute challenge complete with plenty of puzzles, riddles and clues to solve, a golden opportunity for your team to work together. If they can’t – they don’t get out!

An array of businesses and organisations have already visited Escape with their teams and enjoyed the opportunity to have fun whilst strengthening their team dynamic. They have worked on the challenges together, improving their communication skills, growing familiarity  with each other and building stronger relationships with colleagues.

Making Team Building Activities in Glasgow Exciting

As a rule, team building activities can be unimaginative and tedious. It’s a far cry from anything you’d recognise as team building. Large rooms of partially bored adults, or some half-hearted outdoor exercises. Not everyone will enjoy it either, and they certainly won’t get much out of it.

Team Building Activities With a Difference

It’s time to get out of the rut and create something original, unique and totally fun. Escape is designed to aid communication skills, enhance bonding and help individual team members learn to give clear instructions. Of course, we’ve made it as fun as possible and what’s more, your staff may thank you for it later.

What Do You Get Out of Team Building Exercises?

If you handle the whole event well you may find your staff are really appreciative of your efforts to turn a potentially tedious day out into a day of fun as well as team building activities.

This leads to great results back at base, because once your staff feel appreciated, production goes up, it’s been proven. So if you want your staff to be happy workers, who in turn increase your productivity, you’ll see the value of team building activities quite soon. Done right it can be an extremely valuable exercise.

Listen, Communicate – Escape

Also, you’ll find that if you have new team members, there’s no greater way to break the ice and get people talking and communicating than with Escape. It also acts a great way of improving communication skills, where people learn how to communicate more effectively with each other – and more importantly, learn to listen. Listening is a skill too often underappreciated. It’s as important to listen as it is to talk, and you’ll find you really need to listen on this exercise.

A great team building activity like Escape will also allow your staff the time to develop new skills in a more relaxed environment, these can include leadership skills and following instructions correctly.

Multi Task and Improved Response

The long term benefits of team building activities have been proven to be really beneficial, with staff being able to master different challenges at the same time, which can spill over into the workplace. Also consider a better ability to respond to quick changes. Overall you have a team that can respond better to change, and come away with an enhanced ability to multitask.

Anyone Can Take on the Escape Challenge

Don’t forget, Escape isn’t just for the workers, it’s also for the students and families, so come and bond the best way you can with us here at Escape Glasgow, and enjoy putting your skills to the test in the best 60 minutes of your life so far. Question is, will YOU get out in time?

Get in touch today to book your team a day at Escape Glasgow.