Who visits Escape Glasgow?

Our Live Escape Games challenge your mental dexterity, your puzzle-solving skills, your ability to keep calm under pressure, and your team working skills. It’s a mixture that provides a mental workout that many people find highly appealing and sets us apart from other activities in Glasgow.

Our games are enjoyed by a range of different groups, and we thought we’d share a little about each different type of visitor that comes to see us.

Whoever you are, we’ll look after you and ensure you have an immense time. We’ve received glowing reviews from our many happy customers, and part of the appeal of our games is that they are suitable for anyone. From team building to family fun, we cater to everyone’s needs.

So who exactly does come to take on the challenge and escape the room?

Corporate team building events

What better way to get to encourage team work and bonding than by locking everyone in a room with a load of puzzles?!

Team building games can do wonders for your group dynamic. You’ll have to share ideas and responsibility, select the people with the right skills for each task, and create a supportive atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable sharing ideas.

As far as team building games go, it doesn’t get much more exciting than this! Corporate team building can sometimes feel forced and unnatural, but Live Escape Games naturally require team skills anyway.


Our games are often compared to television’s much-loved gameshow The Crystal Maze by happy reviewers. Families love coming to us because they get to have an exciting time together that everyone can enjoy.

Adults and children alike get swept up in the excitement of solving the puzzles before time runs out.


Do something exciting and have a laugh with your mates. It’s that simple, really. Students come here to have a go at a challenging and unusual activities in Glasgow.

Whether trying to get to know house mates better, or simply making the most of the weekend, a Live Escape Game creates the kind of memories you and your friends will always treasure.


Some people want to do the traditional tourist things when they come to Glasgow, and some don’t. Either way, we get a lot of visitors who have heard about our unusual brand of entertainment. It certainly gives them something to talk about when they get home and friends ask them how their holiday went.


Live Escape Games are great for the kids. They love the idea and excitement of being trapped in a room and having to work against the clock to escape. With their unique perspective on things and an unquenchable can-do attitude, the kids who come to play are often better than the adults!

Birthday parties

Escape Glasgow makes the perfect location for a birthday party or gift experience with a difference. It’ll stand out amongst the more traditional celebrations for a long time, and everyone who attends will find it refreshingly different.

It’s very different to your standard birthday activities in Glasgow. What better present could you give a friend or loved one than to lock them in a room for an hour with their favourite people and a sense of mild peril?!

To sum up, perhaps it would have been easier for us to talk about who doesn’t visit us! From corporate team building exercises to students, we give people from all walks of life, and all ages, an enthralling and unique experience. Book one for yourself today!