Team Building Activities With Escape Glasgow

Team building is viewed as an important part of corporate life. It’s an exercise where company members come together outside the office and can learn more about each other’s strengths and weaknesses in the hope that this knowledge will improve office performance.

A New Approach To An Old Problem

Traditionally, team building activities are perceived as a kind of outward-bound course where employees have to endure the rigours of the difficult terrain, and an uncertain climate in order to accomplish certain tasks. The problem with this idea is that not every member of your staff may be athletic or physically adept, and this may lead to feelings of negativity and lack of self worth, therefore the team building exercise will fail.

Escape Glasgow comprises two games rooms where visitors are locked in for an hour, and will only secure their release after solving a series of clues and puzzles. This is an alternative venue for team building games in Glasgow. Groups who take part in this experience will develop their communication skills, learn how to think laterally and laugh together. The games will cater for all skill sets, and can promote confidence and teach company members about each other.

Let the Escape Games Begin

Flexibility is one of key requirements of any role in any business. The recent recession highlighted the fact that those companies that were able to adapt to the rapidly changing economic conditions had a greater chance of success. The games at our Escape rooms in Glasgow will offer members of your company the opportunity to communicate with each other, and develop the confidence to express their opinions.

Intuitive thought isn’t always encouraged in the workplace, but this skill can be invaluable for the success of any company. The Escape team building activities in Glasgow will encourage your group to use their initiative and creative thought processes and they will emerge from the games with a greater understanding of each other’s skills and thought processes.

Contagion or Classic Team Building Activities

An hour spent in a team building activities in Glasgow will help bonding and business psychologists also stress the importance of developing communication skills within any team building activities. While it may be difficult to enhance certain skills should you choose to take your team on a mountain expedition in foul weather, you’ll have ample opportunity to give your entire group a voice when you enter our Contagion room or our Classic game.

Managers will be able to spot certain attributes that may be concealed in an office environment, and the whole group will soon learn that the more creative that they are in their approach, the more likely they will be able to exit the locked room in record time. The challenges posed in our games will help everyone assert themselves and all will recognise that it’s only by working together will they be able to solve the clues.

A Team is Only as Strong as its Weakest Link

If you’re looking for a novel approach to team building activities in Glasgow and want to enjoy a unique experience, then take a look here at some recent glowing reviews. We can take groups of up to 12 people at a time and can also offer catering for corporate groups. Why not get in contact and discuss your needs with one of our team. We promise that you’ll have a great visit and return to your office with renewed vigour, enthusiasm and sense of purpose.