Enjoy your Escape in Glasgow

If you enjoy puzzles and codes and want to spend a fascinating hour, then come and unlock your mind with Escape Glasgow. This is a great way to spend time with your friends, it offers an adrenaline rush and will give you a buzz.

Fun with your friends

To take part in the new craze that’s sweeping through Scotland, there’s already an Escape Edinburgh, then gather a group of between 2 to 6 friends and spend an hour trying to escape from a locked room. If you’ve seen the TV programme The Crystal Maze, you may recognise the concept, but this is a game that’s designed for the 21st century.

How do you play Escape

Our current locked rooms measures 200 square feet and contains puzzles and codes, and it’s only by collaborating with your friends that you’ll be able to source the key that will unlock the room’s door. You’ll discover that your friends may have powers of deduction that you never ever dreamed about, and you’ll all have fun and laughter during the game. Nothing is quite as it seems, you will have to use all your powers of ingenuity and question everything within the room.

Escape is great for gamers

If you’re fed up with swearing at your games console, and often feel that you’d like to have more interaction with your computer games, then Escape Glasgow offers you the opportunity to do just that. You’ll already be familiar with the concept of gathering clues in order to escape from a room, but now you can actually talk face to face with fellow gamers and use your powers of observation to unlock the puzzles and codes that will bring you success.

You’ll only have 60 minutes to demonstrate your gaming prowess, but during this time your mind will be absorbed and focussed on the task. Gaming in real life is so much more fun than sitting at home in front of your computer screen.

Students can expand their brains too

Students are encouraged to expand their skills in the fields of logic, and to examine the possibilities of lateral thinking. If you want to really put your talents to the test, then an hour in Escape Glasgow’s locked room will stretch your imagination to the max.

You’ll have to listen to your friend’s suggestions as well as provide your own input. You’ll have to lift small objects, look for clues in unlikely places and communicate. The puzzles vary, so however crazy you think that your idea about solving a puzzle sounds, bounce it off your friends, you may well be right.

The Escape Glasgow experience is new

Escape Glasgow only opened its doors in August, but it’s already received rave reviews. Take a look at our Facebook page and see what a small sample of our visitors are saying about us. Some teams take longer than others to crack the codes, but our growing legion of fans all tell us how much they enjoyed the experience. There are no age restrictions, though an adult must accompany children under 16. You will be briefed before the start of your game, in order to set you on your mission.

The Escape experience only costs £60 per session, so gather together a group of 6 friends, for an inexpensive hour of fun, puzzles and an entirely new experience. Book now to take part in the fun.