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Glasgow's First Live Escape Game

Locked in a mysterious room with 60 minutes to get out.
Do You have what it takes to escape?

Live Escape Glasgow

Looking for something new and exciting to do in Glasgow? 

Following the success of Scotland's first Live escape game in Edinburgh we are delighted to launch our second location in the Heart of Glasgow.

Designed for groups of 2-6 or even up to 10 in our Witchcraft & Wizardry rooms. 
With 6 rooms in operation we can accommodate teams of up to 34 in total.

We lock you up in a mysterious room, and give you exactly 60 minutes to get out.

In order to beat the live escape game you and your team must solve many puzzles, riddles, brain teasers and identify clues. Using your powers of observation and problem solving you and your team will have to work together to escape.

Glasgow's Live Escape Game

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Who is Escape Designed for?

Friends & Family

Get your brain and pulse racing with the live escape game. 60 minutes, up to 6 brains, 200 square feet – use ‘em wisely! A small circle or a large group of friends and family. Everyone is welcome!

Team Building

Need the fun and drive pumped back into your team? Exit games deliver a creative solution for your team to work together in a fresh environment. 


Think you have the mind for solving puzzles and cracking codes? Maybe you’re a pro at online escape games? Come put your skills to the test! Our live escape game will definitely give you a challenge.


Studying demands an eye for critical thinking, and that's exactly what you will need here. Escape requires you examine everything around you. Fine tune your mind in a fun and demanding environment. 

Escape and Hard Rock CaFE

 The Legendary ® Burger

The Legendary ® Burger

We are delighted to announce a great deal for our customers through our new partnership with Hard Rock Cafe.

What does this mean for you? Well for just £32 per person you can indulge yourself in a live escape game followed by a meal at Hard Rock Cafe from their Gold Menu. The menu includes a fantastic main course such as the Legendary® Burger, dessert and a soft drink. 

I'm sure you will agree this is superb value! To book simply give us a phone on 07584 047 234 or drop us an email at

The offer is valid any time from Sunday 4pm to Friday at 4pm.